February 13th, 2006

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So today at Borders I was searching for a book on child psychology - hopefully something of the entry-level college textbook variety, covering basic brain development, when children are capable of various cognitive tasks, hopefully backed by actual studies that showed these things.

So. Borders. Child psychology section. Did they have *one* book fitting this description? Noooooo. It was all about children with ADD, autism, aspergers, depression, bipolar, this and that learning disorder, this and that behavioral problem.... I mean, I knew childhood has been over-pathologized in recent years, but the ridiculous degree of it hadn't sunk in until today.

(I checked the parenting section too, but that was more of the same, interspersed with books on toilet training and discipline.)

I'm going to start poking about online, but in lieu of being able to look through the material myself - anybody out there have something to recommend along the lines of what I've described above?

*curses self for not taking child psych classes in college*
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