October 24th, 2005

firesea: self-portrait

Yes, yes, YES! Now go away.

Snarfed from multiple people: Caring for your Introvert.

Clearly outlines many things I've known for a long time, and puts into words other things that I didn't even explicitly realize were part of introversion -

"...The worst of it is that extroverts have no idea of the torment they put us through. Sometimes, as we gasp for air amid the fog of their 98-percent-content-free talk, we wonder if extroverts even bother to listen to themselves."

All praise to tylenol with codiene

For it has alleviated (somewhat) my hatred of all things girlbody. I have been advising Nuit (our cat) to be grateful for her lack of uterus.

Still not doing much today.

lordandrei made me breakfast in bed, though, and got me the Steelers football jersey I'd been lusting after (#43, Polamalu). And I have lots of Red Bull. So life's not all bad.