October 16th, 2005

firesea: self-portrait


So I've changed the nature of my art blog, firesea somewhat; I'm making it less of a newsfeed, more of an artist's blog. The usual newsposts are still there, but will be less sales-y and more commentary-ish, plus stuff discussing my artistic process, the joys and sorrows of trying to do this for a living, etc. This also means less of that material will be here - though there will always be crossover, I am trying to minimize it.

Currently I've got a poll up about which of my paintings I should make into greeting cards, as I am really not sure which way I want to go on that. Consider yourself prodded to fill it out :)

Oh, and a good picture of Existatio Proserpinae is finally up!

Ok, metapost over. Bye now.