August 28th, 2005



I've determined that a weekend is actually the perfect length of time to spend in Vegas (especially now that I've been here enough times I don't feel I have to hit everything neat every time I'm here). More than two or three days and the sensory overload just gets too damn much, but this length is juuuust right.

Lessee, we got in to the Luxor around 3pm on Friday. We messed about in the casino for a little while, and then saw We Will Rock You (again!) at the Paris. It wasn't quite as awesome as the last time - the star seemed a bit burnt out on the role, and the energy of the whole show was a little weak to start, but it managed to work up some good steam for the second half. (Still an utterly awesome show, though, and very recommended unless you hate the music of Queen, in which case I don't want to know you :) Late dinner at Ah Sin (obscenely priced and yet obscenely good sushi restaurant). Back to the Luxor, mess about on the slot machines some more, sleep.

Saturday we got up and played poker. After I raked in my cash (grin!) we went swimming in the 108 degree sun (no, I'm not kidding - though we didn't find out how hot it was until afterwards). Then we found ourselves a z111 and hung out with her for a few hours, which was enormous fun. We went over to the new Wynn resort, which looks like the Bellagio on a bad batch of mushrooms. And not in a good way. Ye gods, what a visual catastrophe. The stores were mostly of the type where you're afraid to go in lest something shatter at your passage and you thereby indenture yourself for life. Though we did get to play with an Aibo. He liked my red dress.

We had dinner at the Wynn, at a Chinese place called Wing Lei. I had 23-dollar fried rice, and it was the cheapest thing on the menu, I'll leave it at that. The decor was amazing, the food ranged from not bad to quite good, and the service was crap. (Ok, the service would have been okay for any place that wasn't trying to put on the airs this one was.)

And then - there was Avenue Q. See lordandrei's post for details, but it was fantastic, even without the original cast members whe had hoped to see. (All the more reason to see it again in a few months!) My biggest aggravation - the cd-sellers were wearing fuzzy Avenue Q shirts, which they were NOT selling in the swag store. Grumble! (Hear that, merchandisers? I want a fuzzy shirt, dammit!)

And then we went to sleep and then we woke up and I'm sleepy but happy and now it's time to leave for the airport so I'll wrap this up ok I love you byebye!
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