June 24th, 2005

dragon nebula

Oy vey.

Well, I guess today couldn't have gone *completely* smoothly.

The roof rack collapsed while we were out running errands. Good thing we had decided to give it a dry run. And of course the clerk at Pep Boys gave us hell about returning it. (Another company added to my personal blacklist.)

Now we get to figure out again how to fit everything in the car. Unfortunately this isn't just stuff for the trip; it's stuff to live on for the up to two weeks until our furniture is delivered. Including all our computers and reference materials for Andrei to continue work on his contract. And the cat, and her litterbox, carrier, food, etc.

Right now I'm actually wondering how much a small trailer costs to rent. It'd be far more room than we need, but it'd take the pressure off. We also still have the carrier bag for the roof rack - maybe we can lash that down sufficiently without the roof rack itself.


On the bright side, the house is now very very very very clean. Like, cleaner than when we moved in. Yowza.