June 12th, 2005

firesea: self-portrait

notes to self

Movie, then live comedy show, in the same day, after a very very long (though enjoyable) week = massive overstimulation. I went world-go-away, brain-shut-down fetal on the drive home. Compounded by a bad ADD day and hormonal wackiness, I believe. Also must start doing yoga again - my back and neck are getting to the point where they're hurting more and more each day.

Aside from that: Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a fun, if ultimately forgettable movie. The ACME comedy show Day in the Life is fantastically funny, even with Wil Wheaton out sick.

And now: I sleep.
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Generally, when someone comes to visit me, wherever I am, it reawakens my interest in my own city, as I see it for a little while through unjaded eyes.

LA? Part of the culture here is the jadedness. Nothing is new or interesting here anymore. Everything here competes so hard for your attention because it takes a truly gargantuan effort to jar the Angeleno out of their self-absorbed reverie. And of course the marketing deluge just drives us further and deeper into our shells.

And so showing LA to anyone else has become increasingly difficult. Especially as I'm on the eve of leaving, I find everywhere not reasons to appreciate the city, but more and more reasons I can't wait to escape.