April 10th, 2005

llama llama duck


Woomi Sushi at the Santa Anita mall is the best. sushi. ever.

Sin City: kickass!

Went climbing yesterday for the first time in ages and ages (not that I was that good at it before). Oof. Jellyarms.

Kitty wants to type.dcfvb vbcfzsx, she says. And now's she's biting at my hands when I try to type. Ow.

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Itching for new tattoos again. Must be spring.

Dreamed about skiing a couple nights ago. Why are there no inexpensive, non-logistically-complicated hobbies??

Two years living in the desert and I still have not mastered the art of dressing in layers. I dress for midday, bring one jacket which lasts me till twilight, and promptly freeze my ass off after dark. Gotta work on this.

Ok, lunchtime, so the soundbites (textbytes?) will end for now.

Happy Ra-Hoor-Khuit Day!
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