March 2nd, 2005


Controlling Lilith

So I'm working on a painting of Lilith.

Last night I'm fighting with it as I have been for some weeks now, and I'm grumpy, and Andrei comes up and comments that she's looking good. I growl in response, and then elaborate that I was getting her under control, but it was really slow going.

Andrei laughed.

As I looked at him in perplexity, he explained. "You're painting Lilith. She who was written out of the Garden of Eden for not submitting to Adam. And you're trying to get her under control?!"

"Oh," I said. "Point."

(I mean, seriously. Had I learned nothing from doing Sun/Saturn? A painting is a magickal invocation. And here I was, invoking Lilith, and then having the sheer audacity to try to get her to conform to what I had in my head.)

So I sat back. Took a deep breath. And just let my hand go where it would. A half hour later, the painting was not *that* different, but there was a subtle difference in flavor. In attitude. And even more so in how I felt about the painting.

Lilith is appeased now - somewhat. As long as I remember who's boss.

Edit: Link fixed. And a picture will come when Lilith says it's ok ;)
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