November 18th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

sharp and pointy goodness

For all that I keep trying to de-junk my life, I keep finding more things that I want want WANT!!!

I currently use a red and gold wakizashi as my priestess sword - beautiful, but not really thematically in line with my pseudo-Greek costume. So I've been keeping my eye out for a Greek-style sword (or middle-eastern in a pinch, as I belly-dance my way around the serpentine) that's usable for the mass (i.e., not terribly long, heavy, or sharp, comes with a sturdy sheath).

Last week I bought myself a beautiful new scimitar, as it was on horrendous sale and I hadn't gotten a new sword for my collection in over two years - but it's way too long and heavy for the mass.

Then today, I found this.

And it just happens to be $156. *whimper*
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