October 22nd, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

oof x2

I hit Bikram Yoga again this morning. It's harder in the morning! I should have expected it, you're stiffer and not as warm to begin with earlier in the day. But I managed it okay, conserved my energy, was able to truly relax into the easier poses.

The yoga teacher also confirmed my research that Bikram is okay in early pregnancy if you're not having trouble with the heat. You can stay near the door (the cooler part of the room) and there are pregnancy variations of most of the poses. I'm pleased - I would have hated to finally get going on this, only to have to stop right away!

(No, I'm not pregnant yet. But I could be any day now. Whee.)

Hm. Methinks I need a yoga icon.
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