October 20th, 2004

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breaking down stereotypes

Okay, so I've always hated gender stereotypes. The little girl in a pink dress and pigtails playing with dolls, being called cute, learning to cook and sew and keep house with mama - even when I was very young I fiercely rejected anything having to do with the stereotypically feminine. It's only in recent years that I've started breaking down that wall, admitting I like gardening and sewing and that having a clean and organized home is important to me. (Cooking's still a ways off, though ;P)

However just now I had a very startling and disturbing realization. By rejecting the stereotype on the surface, I was in fact accepting the underside - accepting that housework is "women's work", and that that is somehow unworthy. I looked at the stereotype as a whole and said I wanted no part of it - but I still allowed it to be real in my head, with all the insidious assumptions that go along with it.

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firesea: self-portrait


I just got back from my first Bikram yoga class.

Bikram is hot. Very hot. They keep the room around a hundred degrees, I think. And it's a set series of poses, held for relatively long periods of time. Some poses I knew, some I didn't; some were easy, some were freakin' impossible (standing head-to-knee, anyone?!).

But after the first few minutes, I ceased feeling the heat around me and grew conscious of it building inside me - an incredible wellspring of energy like molten lava, accessible by pure will alone.

So yeah. I think I liked it. I'll have to see how I feel tomorrow ;)
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