September 24th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait


(Note - these pictures were taken with Andrei's new Sidekick II, which has a built-in camera that is kinda crappy for a camera but really farkin' impressive for a cameraphone. And I'm too lazy to go edit the pics right now. But you'll get the idea.)

So I got glasses again last week (I've worn contacts for the last eight years). Collapse )

I also finally have pics of the new tattoo! Collapse )

The first one will probably become a user icon soon - once I overcome the aforementioned laziness to go to the other computer and edit it ;)
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firesea: self-portrait

*brain conniption*

I made us hot dogs for dinner.

There were two hot dogs left when I put the package away.

I toasted buns for said hot dogs.

There were two buns left when I put that package away.

As this was the first time we'd had hot dogs or buns in the house for a very long time - this means there were the same number of buns in the package as there were hot dogs.

When I realized this, I froze, one corner of an eye twitching as my brain struggled to grasp this blatant shattering of an eternal, immutable law of the universe....
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