September 13th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

wee kend

Saturday I got my new tattoo! Unfortunately our digital camera is currently out of commission, so pictures will be delayed. But it's basically the FireSea symbol (flame inside a Star of Babalon), about 2.5" diameter, on the base of my spine. It ripples in delicious ways when I bellydance ;)

It was done by Julie at Yoni Tattoo in Tarzana, who was fabulous (I absolutely recommend her for anyone in the area - and thank heathenkittie for the pointing me her way). It only took about 45 minutes, making it my shortest and easiest tattoo to date. I used pranayama as my primary pain-coping technique this time round, and holy cow did that work! Deep breath in when the needle was off, shallow, long breath out when the needle was on, repeat. I won't say I didn't feel the pain, but it wasn't something I had to fight or resist. It was just there, a force to be channeled and used. (A cool side note: there was also this little scratch on the floor in front of me shaped exactly like the sigil of Saturn, which made a great focus point!)

Sunday I was Deacon for the Mass at The Camp of the Golden Lotus, just about a year after I debuted as Deacon there. I'm experienced enough in the role now that I was able to rattle off the announcements beforehand without a second thought - and to think that was once the part of the role that unnerved me the most! I also finally pulled off the Lazy Susan Deacon trick (turning slowly in place while reciting the calendar, making eye contact with each congregant and pulling them back into realspace after the lengthy meditation).
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