September 9th, 2004



In the shower this morning I was suddenly smacked over the head with what and where my next tattoo must be. Going to stop by the studio late this afternoon to make an appointment. (if I'm lucky, maybe they can do me tonight! Woo!)

Funny how this process works. Every time I've planned getting a tattoo, I've started very carefully, thinking about what I want it to symbolize, the placement, the color, how it works with the rest of the ink I have and what I may want to get someday. Frequently I even come up with a very specifically planned design - and then, *boom*, another one pops fully formed into my head, saying "No, *I'm* your next one. And I'm going *there*. Got it?"

Such is inspiration. Long incubation and conscious planning, followed by a sudden flash that appears to have little to do with anything, but would probably not have appeared that way had you not done the planning....
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