July 25th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

Comicon is too big

Really. It's insane. It's a trade show now, not a convention. They overbooked the exhibit hall and made the art show move to a space half the size at the last minute, causing me and many other artists to be bumped to a waiting list. (Fortunately I was polite and persistent and got one of the two panels I'd registered for after waiting several hours.) The 'con suite' is a leftover ballroom, dirty and unfriendly, with practically no food and even fewer people. Most of the panels are product tie-ins. I guess it's not that much worse than last year, but last year was my first time at Comicon and I was kind of reeling too much from the grand scale of it to do much analysis.

I think I gave up on this thing yesterday when I passed a booth where they were pushing the upcoming Species III movie... and they had this big glassed-in bed with a live, bored-looking model inside, wearing a bikini and fondling a fake snake.

There have still been some Collapse )

Oh, but the good news is I didn't come completely dry out of the art show this year - I sold at least one print. Hey, nearly enough to pay the hanging fee, whoopee. But it's something.
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