June 24th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

public update

I have 25.5 inches of hair.

I've been drawing lots of she-devils.

My parents have separated and my father moved back to Pittsburgh. Most of my internal processing for the last month or so has been dealing with that, which is a lot of why I haven't posted much.

The house in Chelmsford should be going on the market next week. There are still many hassles there to be dealt with, but things are moving.

I'm going to be in the art show at Comicon again this year, unless they sell out of space early (unlikely, they had tons of empty panels last year).

Andrei will be out of town at WWDC all next week, so I will be more than usually bored and also more than usually transportation-enabled. If any LA folk would like to take advantage of that, let me know ;)

15 days till I turn 27. 16 days till I take my next initiation.

Life goes on.
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