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May 6th, 2004


I love language. Zeugma! Syllepsis!

My eating and sleep habits are both shot to hell at the moment. Not sure what to do about them, but I'm keeping them logged until I do. For once I'm okay with not having an instant solution. Or maybe it's just that I'm sleep-depped and need food, too much to care about anything else.

Morning pages still go well, though today's felt a bit like digging down into the very bottom cracks of the barrel for the few hibernating words, who proceeded to cling to their nests and whimper pitifully at my cruel wresting of them from their peaceful slumber.

Also investigating the sugar-sensitive diet. Saw a good website on it yesterday which I've now managed to misplace. Pbth.

Brainfry. Mental flatline. ______________________________________________

Dust! Argh!

The bane of my painting-related existence is dust. No matter how much I try to keep my working area clean, dust creeps into my paints before they can dry. Compressed air doesn't help, and brushing it off just messes up the paints. Yet another reason for painting in dark colors - the dust doesn't show as much! Even if I give the finished work a nice damp wipedown, as soon as i varnish it the dust gets sucked in again.

kaote, who_is_she, and other artists reading this: how do you deal with dust? Do you ignore it? Figure it won't be visible when you're done? (But mine is! And I don't see dust in finished paintings in galleries....) Do you somehow manage to keep your studios spotless? Is there a dust-banishing incantation or sacrifice that you learned in art school, that I missed by changing majors halfway through?

Dust, begone! Avast! Go the fuck away!



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