January 29th, 2004

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shiny books

Another 'Best Books' list, yoinked from mrlogic (originally, according to him, from the BBC): Collapse )

One (of many) problem with lists like this is that there are important books, and there are important authors. Terry Pratchett has about 20 books in the above list, which I think is silly. You could argue that to have a good understanding of contemporary literature you should read *something* by Pratchett, but those particular books? I've read quite a bit of his stuff (OD'd on it, actually), and you honestly might as well read one as another.

Of course, it's also unclear whether this is supposed to be a list of 'best books', 'important books', 'favorite books', and what exactly that means.

My score: 84/200, or 42%.
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