January 16th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

stupid human tricks

A meme from bythebootstraps: what 5 stupid human tricks can you do?

Now, I'm not exactly sure what qualifies as a 'stupid human trick', but here are some of my odder talents:

1. my feet are loose-jointed, which means I can do an obscene pointe without even trying
2. my fingers naturally bend so far backwards that a doctor looking at an x-ray once thought all of them were broken (they weren't).
3. I can do belly rolls, but they come accompanied by stomach gurgles
4. I can distinguish easily between different brands of bottled water. (Love Evian, like Arrowhead, *hate* Dasani)
5. I can read horribly fast - up to three pages a minute in something like a Steinbeck novel.

and some stupid human tricks I *can't* do:

1. whistle
2. stick my tongue out more than a centimeter
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