January 12th, 2004

firesea: self-portrait

kitty carnage

Last night was entertaining. lordandrei has already gone into some detail describing the events so I will just link to it: Tale of the mighty huntress!

I will duplicate this much as it doubles as self-pimpage, er, marketing: a photo of the carnage which also shows a new painting of mine in the background, called Raven's Light. (Inspired over a year ago by the beautiful stillraven, it's just taken me this long to get it out.)

Today I have the ever-anticipated girl-doctor appointment, then tonight a degree symbolism class. Tomorrow the second part of lordandrei's Hebrew class; Wednesday is miraculously free. Thursday is the 'how to sell your art' class and the submission deadline for Blue Horizon's newsletter (I'm the editor), Friday is class on how to use my brand-spankin'-new sewing machine and BH officers' meeting. Saturday is Minervals which I may skip just to have some time to paint, and Sunday is the BH membership meeting at which we will find out if we're an Oasis....

Good gods I must be insane. Especially when you consider I'm also going full-tilt on the giant ritual I'm writing for April (journey of the Fool through the Major Arcana of the Tarot). But I'm having fun. At least I think I am, though I'm too busy to really take the time to be sure....
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firesea: self-portrait


I've been having phoenix imagery/symbolism flying through my head a great deal these last few months. Much to do with my tendency to go through cycles of fiery and violent change - an exhausting way to do things much of the time, but I don't seem to be able to get away from it. And the more I think about it, the more I'm not sure I want to, for I do get a lot out of it, as long as I can minimize collateral damage....

I sat down and did a google search, and found this: http://eclipsephoenix.homestead.com/

Fabulously interesting article on the prevalence of a phoenix myth across cultures, its link to solar eclipses, the winged sun-disk (which I already have tattooed on me, for goodness' sake), the cross, the eye of god, etc. May be old news to many of you, but it's a whole host of connections I'd never made before.

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