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December 8th, 2003



Well, I am now an ordained deacon of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

This was my second time deaconing, my first at Blue Horizon. Tension was running high beforehand, as we had to coordinate for a big crowd, and had to delay for several who were held up by traffic (always joyous in LA - made even worse yesterday by rain, which due to its scarcity makes the roads incredibly slippery and accident-encouraging).

The ordination was first. It was short and sweet, with a juicy mystic whammy delivered by elqahar.

The mass itself went smoothly as could be wished. I only screwed up twice in the Collects (which I do from memory) but covered well enough that most didn't even notice. It was made mildly amusing by the substantial portion of the congregation giving "so mote it be's" in the wrong places. I'm afraid I had a bit of an ironic inflection to my voice for the first few Saints due to one of those :). Everyone else performed their parts flawlessly.

Afterwards, I got so many glowing compliments on my performance that I'm amazed my head hasn't exploded yet! Many said they had never heard the Collects delivered with such joy and meaning. And that was gratifying not only for the compliment, but also because that comes back to one of the main reasons I memorized those buggers in the first place - to truly internalize them so that I could communicate their full meaning in a way that you just can't do by reading them off a page. They're Crowley English, complete with twisted grammar, inconsistent word usage, and awkward phrasing, but I've found that it is indeed possible to make them make sense ;). It's wonderful to see a task come to fruition in that way, to succeed in not just the letter but the spirit and reason of it.

Then a fantabulous feast, lovely company, and the ecstasy of... of... *sitting down*!

This was Blue Horizon's biggest Mass ever, at 37 people (not counting those who had to leave early to catch flights). And I'd have to say it was a resounding success.

Next week, I take on the Priestess role again at Seven Spirits in Tuscon. And then it's a whole month and a half off! (Of the Mass, anyway - I'll be going full speed on Blue Horizon's new newsletter. No rest - but who'd want it, anyway? This is too much fun :)


This morning I fully intended to wake up early so I could say goodbye to astarte93 and divineserpent before they left for the airport. I was made aware of the time, and promptly dreamt in great detail of getting up and putting in my contacts and watching a kitten eat birdseed out of a hamster feeder - and then realizing that I did not, in fact, yet have my contacts in, so I was still asleep. With the attendant annoyance that I would have to go through it all again. Repeat a couple of times, until I was actually awoken by lordandrei sufficiently to wave blearily at our departing houseguests. At least I think I that part wasn't a dream. There were no attendant kittens or birdseed that time....

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