October 31st, 2003

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well, at least we tried

We finally got out to a club last night. Perversion, the goth/fetish night at the Ruby (apparently the last time before it moves to the Blue).

Verdict: disappointing. The venue was pretty nice, actually - three separate rooms, done up in very pretty velvety shades of red. Big stage and little platforms for people to dance on in the middle room, and a couple of big video screens. The sound system did a decent job of separating the music between the rooms, though the speaker output in the middle room was hideously uneven. You had to walk right underneath the bass bank to get out, and they were pumped so high they were overmodulating, not to mention painful.

Which brings me to a fairly major problem: the music. First off, the music itself was distinctly mediocre. (For those of you in Boston, think of the worst music you ever heard at Man Ray, played over and over again with nothing else to break it up.) I can dance to pretty much anything, but most of this stuff left me yawning on the sidelines.

And then they started turning it up, and in the back room the bass hit this one frequency that was just intensely painful, and wouldn't leave. As I mentioned above they had it pumped louder than the system could really handle in the middle room, and we never really went in the front room because the music there was just atrocious.

Oh yeah, and for a fetish night it was completely lame. Maybe they had some good shows after we left or something, but on the video screens they had the same 20-second loop running for the entire time we were there. Good grief, people - mix it up a little, huh? (Again, maybe I'm spoiled by Man Ray, which would at least have a 10-minute loop running for an hour or two and then change.)

There was good eye candy, I will give it that. Being the night before Halloween, there were some damn inventive costumes there. And relatively few outright scary/slimy people. Though there were some people there who I couldn't figure out how they even got in the door, let alone why they stayed... one fiftyish couple, he dressed in khakis and a button-down shirt, she in capri jeans and a white button-down, with glitter in her (blonde) hair, going around with this silly eager grin on her face. Maybe it was her costume....

Anyway. Want to go clubbing again, but I don't think we'll go back to Perversion. C'mon, this is LA, there's gotta be decent music *somewhere*.
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friday five

from shaktiqueen:

1. What are you wearing right this minute?
red terrycloth bathrobe, blue fuzzy slippers

2. What are you doing tonight?
no plans, actually

3. What is your costume?
Well, I was pondering going to tomorrow's party as the 1970s (favorite dead thing). But seeing as how I haven't actually done any work on it yet, who knows ;)

4. When did you stop Trick or treating?
I think the last time I went trick or treating was my freshman year of college (good grief, that was eight years ago - suddenly I feel old). I'd been before only two or three times.

5. Do you or have you ever believed in the Great Pumpkin?
If you believe in it, it will come!
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