September 23rd, 2003

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how loud the carpet is

This morning when I awoke and put on my spankin' new hearing aids, I was mystified to hear this roaring, rushing sound that I couldn't identify. I traced it to its source, which turned out to be the refrigerator. Just the normal, everyday sound of the refrigerator doing its refrigerating thing - but I could hear it two rooms away. With my old aids, I barely heard it when I was in the same room!

Yesterday when I put them on for the first time the first thing I heard was the air conditioning in the office - I thought there was a staticky connection to the computer or something, it was like white noise (and completely unnoticeable to me with the old aids).

At one point yesterday I was just standing and rubbing my feet on the carpet, marveling that it made noise.

A guy walked past me twirling his keys when I was picking Andrei up from work - and I *heard* them rattling.

There's a whole two measures at the beginning of 'Video Killed the Radio Star' that I never knew were there.

I can hear esses! Just barely - there has to be very little ambient noise - but I can hear them!

There's a story from when I was four, having just gotten hearing aids for the first time, riding home in the back seat saying "shhhh" and giggling, over and over, with the joy of a sound I'd never heard before. Today's version is "ssss" *giggle*

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firesea: self-portrait

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This morning we were so fogged in we could see the tree right behind the house and then just void. And then as we were driving down the mountain we saw a coyote loping along the road in front of us.

I love living here :)
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