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May 15th, 2003

The Archaeology of Vacuum Cleaners

Long hair and vacuum cleaners don't get along well. This is nothing new. The hair gets wrapped around the roller brush, and eventually starts interfering with the action; this is heralded by the wonderful new scent from Chanel, "Burning Cat". When this happens, I take nail scissors and cut off all the hair I can reach on the brush. It helps, for a bit - but it has always seemed like an uphill battle.

Until today, when I made the wondrous discovery that I can remove the brush guard and thereby clean the entire brush much more thoroughly. Amongst the parts revealed by this was part of the joint on one side, which was muffled in about a centimeter-thick layer of hair.

Now the archaeology expedition begins. The top layers are all medium brown and crimson-red, the colors my hair is now. Deeper, the average hue begins to darken, as mine gets less red and meerkat299's is mingled in. The occasional turqoise thread or strand of hemp just serves to make things interesting.

Nearly to the bottom of the excavation, we come upon a mystery - a full layer of golden hair, shining as it is revealed to the light of day once again.

The odd part about this is that this vacuum cleaner was purchased just *after* I moved out of the House of Flaming Swords (which I shared with the lovely blondes alegria_a and kaote). So whence cometh the golden strands? Did I make a now-forgotten trip back to HOFS to vacuum with the newly purchased appliance? Did a horde of shaggy blond ewoks creep into my next residence and shed vigorously in the hapless device's direction? Such mysteries.... such puzzles as can be raised in the wondrous field of vacuum cleaner archaeology!


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