March 19th, 2003

firesea: self-portrait

Another day

At 11, I'm talking with my chiropractor about doing their website. (I may need to learn Flash in a hurry if I can't talk them out of it - can anyone point me to a good resource?)

This evening Horizon Oasis is doing a reading of Liber VII.

In between, I'm going to get my online galleries at Epilogue, ArtWanted, and SeattleArtists whipped into shape.

Possible side project for the day will be writing a perl script to give me Resh times.

Starting a new painting, based off of my "thoughtful" icon.

And finally, for your amusement (but especially weetanya and alegria_a): Gondor News Report
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firesea: self-portrait

the flame in every heart of man, and in the core of every star...

Well, tomorrow is the Thelemic New Year. And this year, unlike at Samhain, unlike on December 31, it really does feel like the cycle is changing. (And I'm not referring to the war, though that connection is ironic at the least.)

This last year was a year of destruction. Destroying my old life, leaving my old connections behind - my husband, my house, my job, my "career", my coast, my family, my friends. Clearing the path. Getting to the point that had been my goal for so long. And not knowing what was next.

Now, on the eve of the new year - I know what's next. I once again not only know where I am, but where I'm going. My Will has become just a little bit clearer, better defined.

Look out, world. Anariel is coming.
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