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February 23rd, 2003


apparently last night my brain was in video-game mood. I had an epic-style dream that resembled an odd cross between Castle Wolfenstein and Spy Hunter. Only instead of a battlemech ripoff, the secret weapon was a fleet of sky-blue 1980 Chevy Impalas. I think I was driving one too (not sure of the color, since I was inside); and at one point alegria_a showed up with hers to help.



ok, I'm grumpy. and I can't shake it. I think it has something to do with the ungodly amounts of sunlight outside. I would think it would make me want to spend the rest of this beautiful afternoon out in a park - but instead I feel like sitting inside with junk food and being snippy.

&*!^%&^@ spring. why can't it give us a decent warning, huh? actually - that may be it. I'm feeling very similar to right after my alarm goes off in the morning: grumpy; disoriented; know I should be looking forward to the day, but just wanna go back to bed.



ok, one flash page positively finally really truly I'm-not-allowed-to-fuck-with-it done.

And I just did the first bit of coding since I quit MITRE last August - nothing much, just a perl script to make rebuilding fire sea a little easier. Still was really nice. Though art is more important to my sanity and overall wellbeing than coding is, coding still scratches an itch that art doesn't.

So I'm a little less grumpy now. Though I'm sure the fact that the evil daystar has gone away doesn't hurt ;)

Going to try to get another flash page done tonight. Once I have three I'll go start trying to sell them. I've got more than enough designs - it's just trying to get page layouts and design combinations that are "right" (I know, I'm probably being way too picky, but at least for this first round it will help my confidence to go in there with pages that I *know* look good).


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