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February 8th, 2003


I have seen the bad movie to top all bad movies. I'm just glad my brain was fried *before* we started watching it....

I blame who_is_she. May pink flamingoes haunt your dreams!

misc. notes from the last few days

First of all, thank you to all who provided advice and support over my posts on wanting. I've managed to defeat the o'erweening impatience for the moment... we'll see how long it lasts ;)

Went to the Seattle Art Museum a couple days ago - it was nice enough, considering the free admission that day, but compared to the Carnegie it was very disappointing. They had one Pollock, a couple of Van Eycks, and an Avedon photograph - the only artists I actually recognized. Not that I have to recognize the artist for it to be good, but most of it was distinctly mediocre, and the collection was small. Oh well.

Also went to the Elliott Bay Book Company - gawd that place is evil. Came home with a book of Avedon's Versace photographs that was on clearance. (I tried to resist - but when I opened the book at random three times and each time I was inspired for a different painting, I couldn't justify *not* getting it....)

I am currently pseudo-single - it's very complicated, and very odd.

My body is trying very hard to nightshift me - I think it's its way of dealing with the lack of sunlight.

Dammit, just realized I forgot my second dose of Adderall. No wonder it's taking me ten minutes to write each sentence.

Belly dance class tomorrow for the first time in over a month. Yay!

And one more thing: aren't any of you reading firesea? Avast, ye slackers!


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