February 4th, 2003

firesea: self-portrait


productive day so far. I've given my files a complete overhaul, complete with many many post-it notes. found a bunch of stuff I'd lost, and am making progress through the piles of unfiled stuff.

new userpic - that's me at about six. aren't I CUUUUUUUUTE? (*choke* *gag*)

found a bunch more stuff to play on guitar last night. I can actually sorta do the riff for Toad's 'Nightingale Song', for which I am very pleased with myself. Also put my poem 'Four Birds' to music and figured out the chords for it. Need to pick up a pick and a capo sometime.
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firesea: self-portrait


what do the following things have in common?

year's supply of fairy cakes
tired terrorist
tom's headache
little insect from another planet
ninja penguin
hasty pudding

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