January 23rd, 2003

firesea: self-portrait


well, I must have been out of my mind - but somehow in the last three hours I rearranged most of my living room. and of course the main part of what I moved was my bookcases and shelves. which means all my books and art stuff, at least twice (off the shelves, then on in their new location).

note that I have a *lot* of books and art stuff. *heavy* books and art stuff. I think I got my quota of exercise for the day. my back has made an official complaint to the authorities.

but things are arranged much more efficiently now. I have a miniature library masquerading as an entry to the bathroom, and a sculpture/craft area separate from my main art table. one set of shelves is now accessible from both sides, which means I could pack it much more densely. I took off the doors to the closet that contains the water heater and put a bookcase in there. the option still remains to rearrange my main office area as well, but I'm clinging to my last vestige of sanity and putting that off till tomorrow.

things are still somewhat of a catastrophic mess, but at least you can get to all the important areas. there were several points in the middle of this where I was thinking "you know, I *really* hope I don't need to go to the bathroom any time soon...."
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