December 27th, 2002

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My IM contacts are now organized by geographical location. Apparently I know 15 people in Seattle, 14 people in New England, 5 people in Pittsburgh, 2 people in Texas, 2 in California, and 2 in the Middle Of Nowhere (otherwise known as Missouri). (I'm tempted to make a geographical distribution for my LJ friends list, but right now that seems like too much work. Maybe once my Adderall wears off and pointless and tedious tasks become all that I'm good for....)

I'm not sure why I thought that was worthy of being shared.

I got MSN software yesterday - I feel slightly dirty. I did it to get at their Money Plus stuff, which is the only functional equivalent to Quicken I've been able to find (as I've definitively determined that I *hate* Quicken).

Things are so much easier to update it's not even funny. I haven't managed to screw anything up yet (In Quicken, I was always forgetting to hit a check mark or something and then I would have to re-enter *everything* manually). I still have to see what they can do with business and tax stuff, but so far I am quite pleased.
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firesea: self-portrait

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I shall not go quietly
I shall not go quietly
I shall not go.

You will not have me
soul-sucking vampire of apathy,
coercing wretched masses to accept
imprisonment without complaint.
I claim my right to do my will
though the will of all the world
be amassed against me.
I claim my life, I claim my livelihood
You shall not drive the passion from me,
you shall not coerce me into giving up
before I have even begun.

I will bring idea into sight
I will make form from thought
I will put it out there for all the world to see
This is my will.
This is my joy.

With each setback comes
the overwhelming urge to turn aside.
How vain, foolish, naive I must be
to think I could live a dream.
The voices whisper of a calmer, simpler life -
One where thought and growth are but nuisances
to a well-ordered society.
That control I seek? Control of my destiny?
It will only bring pain, confusion, conflict
the antithesis of a well-ordered society.

I swear by the stars that sing to me of possibilities without end
I swear by the ocean that calls me beyond the next horizon
I swear by these hands that shape my vision into willing words
I shall not go.

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firesea: self-portrait


Went to an audiologist today. They put these weird plastic plugs in my hearing aids' air vents. The incessant feedback that has been driving me batty for the last few months is not gone, but seems to be *much* reduced. And they check out just fine mechanically. So it seems the urgent need for new hearing aids has evaporated. (Note to self: Test. Your. Assumptions. Dammit.)

Dragon wings are proceeding apace. I think they're going to work. *crosses fingers*

I made four phone calls today. I think that's a personal record.

I hate it when my chiropractor is on vacation. How I'm going to make it through two weeks in boston I'm not quite sure (probably something involving lots of hot tubbing and backrubs :).
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