December 18th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

brain go whirrrr

ok, the chiropractor did some weird shit to me today. apparently my joints are finally starting to release their tension - the only problem (though this is what's supposed to happen) is that the joints release their tension into the next layer up, which is my muscles.

so I am *so* tense right now it's incredible. I feel wound tight as a spring and my emotional state is feeding off of that and making me bounce off the walls. but I can feel the looseness in my joints, I think - very odd, but I'm trying to memorize the feeling so I can keep myself from internalizing the tension again, and rather ground the tension directly. (manipulating energy without internalizing it? that's possible?!)

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firesea: self-portrait


No, I haven't seen The Two Towers yet, and probably won't till Sunday. *sigh*

life is complicated. *good*, but complicated.

one week of retail hell left (then it turns back into part-time retail purgatory).

kumquat. shebang. whazoom.
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