November 22nd, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


- fingerpainting works quite well on clouds. plus it's fun!

- kinko's sucks.

- so do boca (veggie) sausages. their burgers, on the other hand, are not bad.

- b flat.
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firesea: self-portrait


ok, so my hands are completely killing me, and what do I do? decide it's time for a livejournal update. at least typing isn't quite as bad as using the mouse or stylus...

so I now have five *good* greeting card proofs - and no good place to get them printed. I've still got a few places I can check in person (been doing most of my research online), but I'm not hopeful that I'll be able to get this done for the price I need (<$1 per card).

I also sent off my designs yesterday to, though, so maybe I'll get something with them. we'll see.
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firesea: self-portrait

no wonder I have no life....

every time I plan to go out, I get wildly productive instead and by the time I look up, it's too late.

ahh, the ultimate therapy for women. rearranging furniture. :)
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