November 19th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


Wow. Looks like one of my endless-trails-of-bureaucratic-crap may be just about at an end, and someone else is taking care of wrapping it up. Holy cow.

*yawn* I think I'm starting to fathom how people can stand working retail. Sure, lots of it is boring and tedious, but when things are happening there's too much to do to be bored, and when it is boring you can always people-watch. And despite feeling like I'm doing a crappy job at selling, my boss keeps telling me I'm doing a good job. Maybe she's just saying that to keep me cheerful - but, well, it's working.

Didn't get to take any pictures today, though. I'll see if I can fix that tomorrow. And Friday. But maybe not Saturday, since it'll be crazy that day and I doubt I'll be up to full-speed shooting yet.

Hm. Blabbermouth process just shut down. It's been doing that a lot lately. Off to - er, do something else.
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