November 7th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

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ok, I think Seattle weather has hit with a vengeance, finally, after being pretty much gorgeous for all but a week since I moved out here. wet wet wet wet wet. not that wet is bad, or unexpected.

I really don't have time to write this morning, as I have to leave in ten minutes and still need to get dressed, get pics of the artwork I don't have hard copies of on my camera, get all my stuff together, call my new chiropractor, finish - uh, ok, that list is not getting done in ten minutes no matter what I do.


but anyway. life is decent. some bad crap happened over the last couple of days but I think it's all either resolved or well in hand. I wish I had some time today to just sit around and paint, but it doesn't look like I will... maybe this evening if I'm lucky.

arrarar. camera's not cooperating. oh well. now it really is time for me to go.
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firesea: self-portrait


I just got to be a mama for an evening :) :)

There are stories of me as a little kid sitting on my dad's lap and watching him paint. And tonight, Katie sat on my lap and watched me paint, and then we painted horses together.

weird how these mothering instincts work. I was all tired and cranky before she came over, and my mood just got better and better throughout the evening, and now I'm awash in a warm glow of *~*!baby!*~*
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