November 3rd, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

stuff and things and kumquats

Today I start belly dancing classes again!

Last night I went to a party in Maple Leaf, hosted by a guy (Jeff) who I met on Nerve a few weeks ago. It was pretty fun - met a bunch of friendly and silly people. There were some hilarious costumes: one woman had cars and roadsigns glued on all over her clothes - she was Seattle Traffic (truly scary). Another woman had fuzzy bear slippers and a pillow under her shirt and was Barefoot and Pregnant. Another couple (who I ended up playing a bunch of pool with later) were a plague victim and a quack doctor (she in ren garb with fake boils and pet rat, he in a black robe with a duck mask)

While decorating the night before, Jeff and I made this. It was way too much fun. I must do more with sculpture/installation-type stuff.

Been going nuts updating Fire Sea Studios - I think it's finally looking pretty good. There's more stuff I'd like to do with it, of course, but until I have a bit more time to sit down and work out a cohesive design I think it'll do.

I did manage to not go buy a scooter yesterday. I should be able to switch to a chiropractor in Ballard after next week, which will mean I only need to bus up north for work, which is long but not as much of a pain as going to Bothell. It's still definitely in the plans for future, but I should do things like pay off my credit cards and get new hearing aids first :P
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