October 28th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

and on another note....

for nearly the past week, I've been taking only 10mg of adderall a day.

my normal dose is 35-40 - 20 in the morning, 15-20 in the afternoon.

the changeover was only semi-deliberate. I forgot my second dose a couple of times, and noticed that my productivity didn't go down as much as I expected. It's not *quite* as high, but I'm not even sure the difference is statistically significant. I can definitely tell the difference in my head, and I still feel like I need that first 10 mg to get me started, but somehow I seem to have figured out what mental buttons to push to get me past the thinking/doing barrier.

this is good for several reasons: first, it means I'm not nearly as dependent on the drugs to function as I thought I was (or once was). second, it stretches out my current drug supply for another couple of weeks, which gives me more time to find a doctor to prescribe me more; third, at that far-future hypothetical point where it's actually practical for me to get pregnant, I should be able to go off the adderall entirely without losing my handle on things.

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firesea: self-portrait


dear goddess but I love my speakerphone.

I just made a *voice* call to diners' club to take care of an incorrect charge. and it went almost perfectly. (and I didn't even have to screw myself up for an hour to make the call - and I haven't taken *any* adderall so far today!)

Yeah, baby. Kick it!
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