October 19th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


I have an audition next Thursday with the Picture People!

And not only that, but I just scheduled it over the frickin' telephone!!!!!

There may be hope for me yet, folks.
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firesea: self-portrait

answers, part two

Regan (where do the left socks go?): apparently into my drawer, because I have nothing *but* left socks. (You know, the ones that are left when the smart ones have run away....)

Lisa (do you know sign language?): finger spelling and a handful of other signs. I always managed to get by just by reading lips :)

Alex (How does one combine being as smart as you are with being as sexy as you are?): Um. Er. I could bullshit something about my intelligence allowing me to modify my behavior to enhance such sexually appealing characteristics such as confidence and enthusiasm, but, uh, it'd be bullshit cause I have no idea.

Matt (Will you meet me for conversation and coffee or drinks again? Can I see your airbrush art live?): absolutely, to both. and I wanna see your barge!
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