October 13th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


ok, I'm tired now. met a nifty person today, though. nerve++

tomorrow I get to meet sea_gaagii, then go to Fusion Dance, then go up to Bothell and play D&D.

monday I have another appointment with the chiropractor (which will probably be my last with him); and then I'm going up to Bothell *again* to talk with J&E's chiropractor.

Tuesday I'll turn into a hermit for a couple days. (Darnit, my socialization rate needs a smaller standard deviation.)
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firesea: self-portrait


during dance this morning I got the most kickass costume idea ever. probably won't finish it in time for halloween, but perhaps arisia....

texture is an amusing concept to me, for the connotations I have with it in different contexts. it's an awful thing in music (due to the gawdawful piece we played in youth orchestra because the composer was a friend of the conductor, and he described it as having "texture" in his introduction), but in painting it's wonderful. I just got to spread goo all over my painting. goo! (even if it did make the English countryside look like a pimply teenager's butt for a little while.)

eek. I think I'm drowning in cute people. just made a date with the third one in two days. I don't think I can say that I don't know many people here anymore....
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