September 28th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


I have located the world's best art store. I'm not kidding. They have stuff I didn't even know existed, and it's ten minutes bus ride from my house. *drool*

I thought my DSL install was scheduled for Monday, but after looking at the web page with more than a cursory glance it appears that it will be at least a week after that before everything is set up. le sigh.

Two job applications turned in: one to Michael's, and one to the Picture People. Searching for other leads, and will be starting to hawk my stuff to local stores soon as well. Considering trying for a stripper job, but despite a good recommendation am still leery of the sleaziness factor. (Dancing naked in front of strangers is not a problem, so long as there's glass between them and me. Being followed home or groped/harrassed on my way to or from work is.)

Recieved spiffy new telephone, which promptly proved to have an awful user interface and a couple things that were weird enough that I could claim defectiveness and return the thing. Also got a portable amplifier which seems decent so far, but requires further testing to be sure. No instant telephone-adequacy cure for me. Boo.

Found Rock Store of God (tm) in Pioneer Square. Also found contact point for the local OTO, and a shiny new vibrator.

K'Nex are addictive.

I may be able to get a disabled bus pass - about a tenth of the price of the normal one. Whee.

Tried to call Regence BlueShield to sign up for health insurance the other day using the TTY relay - they said "oh, you want this number, blah blah blah *click*". (The number she gave was one I had already tried - it was an answering machine. Grr.)

The Archie McPhee store in Ballard is waaaaayyyy too entertaining. (One of their item labels: "It's blue! It's plastic! It's a .... blue plastic box!!!!!")

Starting to meet more people, including a few fairly cute ones (and at least one utterly gorgeous one...ohmygods), but dammit, they all smoke!

The brain has come to a screeching halt, so that's all ya get for now. *poof*
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