September 24th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


ok, I finally got my dsl order to go through. with any luck (which may be possible since there is no verizon-- here) I should have net at home within some non-zero finite amount of time that's still, like, this year.

got woken up by the police at 3am last night - they caught a guy looking in through my window. creepy. so much for thinking my yard was private enough that I didn't need to worry about curtains or walking around naked. *sigh*

been churning out artwork like mad - now I just need to get my ink delivered so I can print the computer art, and find places to sell it all :)

reorganized all my files today and started churning through the logistical backlog. and now at the library I finished everything I had to do with twenty minutes left in my session - I was even able to catch up on LJ. what's up with that?

anyway, I'm about to go over to capitol hill and drool over airbrush compressors and maybe even buy one (business expense!). (note to self - see if utrecht is hiring. cooler than michael's, and closer.) try to find some place to buy a curtain rod. then see if I can find people at the g&d quiz night tonight. whee!
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