September 21st, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


Well then. Stuff. I'm being good and holding off on getting my new tattoo until I have a job (I've determined that I do need a part-time "real" job to have some regular income until my art business gets off the ground). But I also have a new painting commission, and today when I stopped at Michael's to get the canvas for it they had a big "we're hiring" sign up. MMmm... 25% employee discount.... So I'll be turning in the app for that as soon as I verify that the bus commute up to Lynnwood won't be too hideously painful.

And in other news, Jarrett and I seem to be erm, something again. Not sure what, and whatever it is will progress *very* slowly. But something. Yeah.

(My, aren't I articulate today?)

And he got my graphics tablet working again! Hurray!

Went rollerblading this afternoon. Yay exercise! Boo brick sidewalks!

May not get to Luminata as planned tonight, unfortunately. There are burgers being made upstairs, and intimations of Dairy Queen and alcohol later. And, of course, the hot tub. And Tekken Tag! (And SSX Tricky.) Bang!
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