September 5th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

pause to catch my breath

yikes. even if much of it was done in a panic I have gotten a shitload of stuff done today. I packed up the last of my art supplies, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff (except for overnight necessities), disassembled my art desk, packed up my printer and scanner with extreme paranoia, cleared off one of the bookcases I'm taking, packed up games, photos, files, and did a buttload of laundry (it would have been not nearly as much if a certain feline would stop pissing in my suitcase every time they find my bedroom door open... I dont know which one it is, but if they're expressing unhappiness at my leaving all they're doing is making me glad I'm not taking them with me. grr.)

now as long as I don't end up without a ride to pick up the moving truck tomorrow morning....

also, for those in the area, anyone who wants to come over at any point tomorrow and help me load the truck will be lavished with gratitude and possibly* dinner.

* I can't afford to buy dinner for more than four or five people, but at the very least we can order pizza or something, and I still have lots and lots of alcohol that I'm not taking with me and needs to be put to good use :)
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firesea: self-portrait

gods damn it.

nothing like having your best friend ditch you. especially when you're about to move three thousand miles away and this means you won't even get to say goodbye.
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