September 4th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


next-to-next-to-next-to-last morning here. I think I've actually got things under control, amazingly enough. my bedroom is pretty much completely cleared out, save for one empty bookcase, trip clothes, and instruments; remaining are some of the dishes, games and books from the basement, my painting supplies (once I grit my teeth and declare nuns' painting done, which will also be done today), my files, and computer stuff. plus a couple miscellaneous objects lying around. but I could probably get it all packed today if I had to, though I'll be happy to have tomorrow as well (before truck loading on friday).

my mother (and possibly my father, not sure) is/are coming down today to help me out, which will be useful. have to do a couple errands out as well: get more antihistamines, mail oscuridad's prints, visit a coinstar machine, make one last goodwill run. I can probably go ahead and pack my printer and scanner today, too, or at least unhook them. if I get enough done I may go back to Maine with parental units tonight so I can see Harry and Thea again before I leave.

it's really starting to hit me how much I will miss about living here. I still dislike the city and the area, but the people here have meant so much to me, and it feels so strange to be deliberately leaving that all behind. I left people behind when I left Pittsburgh, too, but it wasn't quite the same - I was leaving because of a job, which while I was taking it voluntarily still didn't have the same feeling that it was entirely my choice.

dammit, need to work on that transporter design. I think I only have a couple theoretical wrinkles left to work out :)
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