August 21st, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

Meme of the day

Thanks to lordandrei: my BlogTree. Very boring at the moment, since my journal doesn't have any parents (if I was "inspired" by anything, it was CMU graffiti, and a) that's not a blog, and b) who would I credit for it?) and you can't add your own children. But I know/suspect a bunch of livejournals which were partially if not completely my fault:meerkat299, shoebox_bird, gothfru, alegria_a, kaote, cortneyofeden, possibly fraterrisus, ezzie00, and ef2p as well...

Oh yeah. And firesea. That one I can add myself :)

Come, my children! Link to me! Inspire in me a false sense of godhood, or at least First Ancestor-hood... or something.... yeah.
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