June 1st, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

I love the internet

"As soon as itching starts dampen and fold several times a washcloth. Place it in the microwave as it is quicker or find some other way to heat it. (Tap water is usually not hot enough). The temperature should be hot but not enough to scald the skin and tolerable. Place the hot washcloth directly over the bite. The person will begin to feel a sharp, burning, and stinging pain exactly where the bite occurred. Keep the washcloth over the bite for about one minute while tolerating the pain. The mosquito saliva contains protein left inside the bite and the hot temperature neutralizes the protein which causes the sharp pain."

I have been itch-free for 10 minutes now, which is more than any kind of lotion can do... *rejoices*
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firesea: self-portrait

bugbite update

the hot-water trick still seems to be holding - only one has itched since application (four hours later), and it was a really nasty one. I am pleased.

in other news..
Access sucks. hoping mySQL will be better.
Done today: more photo filing, kitchen cleaning and painting. new sheet music acquired (I can actually play Kreisler's Praeludium half-decently! go me!). was good and didn't buy a new guitar (they had them on sale for $90).

Played pool last night. Discovered for the fifth time or so that I was shooting right handed, and got much better when I switched sides. I still grovel in awe of el_gecko's pool prowess, however.

Now, shower, and perhaps then some FIFA.
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