March 17th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

die demons die!

I used up all my good shopping karma for the year today - went to walmart and found three pairs of velvet pants for $3 each, a velvet skirt for $3, and a silky skirt for $5. All of which look realy good on me, if I may say so :) Especially the pants. I am pants-enabled. Pantspantspantspantspants.

Then fraterrisus, el_gecko, and wyndam all hauled their various bits of hardware into our basement and we played Diablo II for about eight hours. Wonderful fun. I am sad that we had to stop. Silly people who woke up early, or who have to get up early tomorrow :P What is this sleep you speak of when there are demons to kill?

(fscking undead....)
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