March 12th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

Much better...

Everyone's gone from the office now. I'm getting stuff done, not stressed anymore. I don't know why people stress me out so much. I should just turn nocturnal and be done with it. But I really should try to figure out why it is.

Ooh. I may have found the music for my Sekhmet dance. At the very least, nifty new music.

I get to masquerade as a Frenchperson in a multi-lingual chat demo tomorrow. Should brush up on my vocabulary tonight - it's been a long time. I was pretty fluent once upon a time - I'd rather not lose that.

Pegasus Mail is pretty nice. I've already got a buttload of my email sorted that was too much of a pain to deal with in Netscape or Outlook.

OK, project plan done. Now time to go home and make dinner and call my mom and do artwork and laundry and snuggle with the jarrett.
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    Dream Conception - Midnight