March 6th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

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yay secretaries who make phone calls for you!

i should take advantage of this more often.

last night was nifty. J and I watched Quills, which is deeply deeply disturbing but very very good. I was glad I was surrounded by J and two kitties on my lap, though - made it easier to withstand the disturbing bits. (Yes, I had *two* kitties in my lap - Dingbat actually voluntarily sat in my lap for the entire movie! And didn't jump and run every time I twitched! I think Mithril is rubbing off on her....:)

When we went to bed we had a long conversation about the nature of humor. What kinds there are, which kinds wear thin quickly and which are always good, which kinds we like and which we don't, and why. Going to try to write that up later.
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