February 15th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

dude, I love the internet

so, there was that random person who emailed me last week wanting one of my prints. turns out she lives in new orleans, and found my stuff through a google search :) :) :)
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firesea: self-portrait

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ok, all checked in at boskone. have a pretty nice spot, and I think the display looks good. hopefully people will be as art-happy as they were last year and buy lots of my stuff :)

found two or three panels I'm interested in going to tomorrow afternoon - one on alternative venues for beginning artists, and a couple on different styles/mediums. All sound like they could be professionally useful, and help me feel that I didn't waste my registration...

and, hmmm. worldcon is in boston next year.Registration for worldcon is always obscenely expensive, and I don't know how hard it is to get into the art show, and if things go as planned we'll be moving sometime around then, but.....dude. worldcon.

Hmm. I feel like a nap.
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firesea: self-portrait


i just made a phone call! like, to someone i thought i'd never actually be able to talk on the phone to! and it worked! i could understand him! and stuff!

it took a big mental effort to make myself do it, but the fact that it turned out well means it should be easier next time....

darnit, this is *not* helping me restrain my urges to get a cell phone.
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