February 13th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

another day, another.... kumquat?!?

here half an hour and I've already made a fool of myself on zephyr. at least i think i recovered relatively gracefully once I realized what was going on.

wyndam++ for introducing me to good porn. I knew theoretically the stuff existed, but had never actually encountered any....

dangit, I meant to borrow dune so it's not another week till I get to read more of it, and i forgot. whoops.

nothing broke overnight on activebuddy! it's a miracle! huzzah!

This message has been a fig newton of your amalgamation, brought to you by the letter "%" and the number "silent Q."
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firesea: self-portrait

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gah. stress. work is being frustrating. robot code is going well but there's so much of it. I dumped sooooo much core today. I was in a relatively good mood when I got home but had very little tolerance for things going wrong - almost started shaking when I couldn't find my boskone paperwork.

very tired right now. need lots of sleep tonight. if I don't get a full day of work in tomorrow - fuck it.
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